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Shaka No Reisen - Buddha's spiritual fountain effective for various diseases


'Shaka No Reisen' - meaning "Buddha's spiritual fountain" - is special spring water from the spiritual fountain in Gunma prefecture, Japan.
It is said that the spring water is miraculous and drinking it is effective for various kinds of diseases.
Many people claim that they have cured end-stage cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hernia and other intractable diseases.

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Canadian autistic weather forecaster Frankie McDonald's new prediction on California earthquake

A Canadian autistic weather forecaster forecasts after a long time "Great earthquake exceeding M 7 in California"
Frankie McDonald, a Canadian autistic amateur weather forecaster, known for earthquake prediction on YouTube after a long absence.
It is said that "A major earthquake of M 7.0 or more will come soon in California, USA" anytime soon.


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