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Canadian autistic weather forecaster Frankie McDonald's new prediction on California earthquake

A Canadian autistic weather forecaster forecasts after a long time "Great earthquake exceeding M 7 in California"
Frankie McDonald, a Canadian autistic amateur weather forecaster, known for earthquake prediction on YouTube after a long absence.
It is said that "A major earthquake of M 7.0 or more will come soon in California, USA" anytime soon.


The person who hit the earthquake of New Zealand M 7.8 last year

If you do not know about him at all, you might be confused by the words like
As for those who do not know at all, "autistic?" "Weather forecaster?".
He is the man who got to know himself in advance by predicting the M 7.8 earthquake that occurred in New Zealand South Island on the very day of Extreme Super Moon on November 14, 2016.

He warned of a YouTube video posted on 21st October 2016 that a major earthquake of M 7.0 or more will occur in New Zealand soon.

Speaking of California, an M4.6 earthquake occurred on 11/13.
The epicenter was almost directly above the topic San Andreas Fault.

Latest earthquake prediction

The latest earthquake prediction of the problem was live-distributed on YouTube on 11/21.
This person's roaring English feature keeps connecting sentences with "and", the sentence does not finish endlessly.
Embed the movie below.

Following is his prediction about California earthquake.

Strong Earthquake is on its way for California Anytime Soon and it will bring 7.0 or Greater Magnitude Earthquake and it will do a ton of Damage and it will shake and the California Lies on the San Andreas Fault Line and once the 2 Tectonic Plate Rub at Each Other once it Slips that will Cause a Major Earthquake in State of California and it will do a ton of Damage and it will bring down Power Lines and Snapping Telephone Poles in Half and it will Do some Damage to Buildings in the State of California and People in California Be Prepared Have your Medical Kits, Flashlights, Emergency Kits Ready and Bottled Water Ready. During the Earthquake Go Underneath the Tables and Chairs and when you are Outdoors Don't Go Inside during the Earthquake and it will be Very Strong Earthquake for California Especially on the San Andreas Fault Line. If you Have anybody Living in California Be Prepared for Strong Earthquake Anytime Soon. Take Care and Stay Safe and Don't Get Caught in the Powerful Earthquake Stay Safe.

By the way, we also predicted that an earthquake of M 7.0 or more will hit California in 2016/02/13, but the corresponding earthquake has not yet occurred.

As weather predictors such as hurricanes do not have time to verify, we do not know the degree of accuracy.
So, although it may not be enough to worry so much, I introduced it just in case.

Mr.McDonald has an account of Instagram and I am following it, but to be honest, there are many Mecca metamorphic postings, so I can not recommend it much. (^_^)


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