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Shaka No Reisen - Buddha's spiritual fountain effective for various diseases


'Shaka No Reisen' - meaning "Buddha's spiritual fountain" - is special spring water from the spiritual fountain in Gunma prefecture, Japan.
It is said that the spring water is miraculous and drinking it is effective for various kinds of diseases.
Many people claim that they have cured end-stage cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hernia and other intractable diseases.

Mysterious story

The late Ms. Imai Kimiko was a lady with excellent spiritual ability.
One day she received spiritual message from Buddha and opened "Shaka No Reisen" in the area of Gunma prefecture in 1964.
In Buddha's spiritual springs, you can stay in the Ryokan (inn) or go for a day trip, and stay at a cheap fee.
you can drink all you can drink.


Drinking the water

I was recommended the spring water from some excellent psychic lady in March 2018 and I tried to order the 2 water packs from the inn.
Anyone can purchase the water pack with mail order.

The price is 2700JPY for 10 liters with discount period (will be returned to 3600JPY as normal price after the discount period).
The courier shipping fee is required separately.


I tried drinking water and it was very tasty.
My wife said so too and she likes it.
I had my low back pain and pain in the sole of the foot may have improved since I started drinking the water, however it is not certain.


Onsen (hot spring)

You can stay in the inn and soak in the hot spring by the spiritual spring.
During the water is free while you are staying.

I have never been there but I would like to go with my family as soon as possible.


Effective for various diseases?

This month my friend went to the Shaka No Reisen with her family.
I borrowed these photo of the inn from her blog post.

The signs in the picture below shows various diseases that may be effective (I'm not sure).
For example, heart disease, end stage cancer, gallstone, diabetes, gastrointestinal disease, hypertension, leukemia, hay fever, constipation, rheumatism etc.


There are many letters of appreciation in the inn that various diseases have healed.


To order the water

If you would like to drink the spring water, please refer to the ordering method on the following website, however it is all in Japanese.

Kimiko Imai at a young age.

Even if you call the inn, it is unknown whether there are people who understand English.

Access to the inn

Address: 3768 Kamimoku, Minakami-cho, Tone-gun, Gunma prefecture, 379-1303 Japan.
About 100km from the center of Tokyo.
About 1 hour 40 minutes from Tokyo station by using Shinkansen in the part.
3km(1 hour walk or 15 minutes drive by taxi) from Kamimoku(上牧) station on JR Joetsu line.


It would be a very hard trip for a foreign person and you would need help from a native speaker.

It is said that this spring is effective for all kinds of diseases, but this blog article does not guarantee it.
I introduce it just as the information.
Please try at your own risk if you would like to.

My friend's blog post (only in Japanese).

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