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World's largest ice cream sundae? at "MO & MOSHI", Bangkok.

[Photo: Facebook page of MO & MOSHI]

Is this the world's largest ice cream sundae?
You can eat it at MO & MOSHI in Siam Center 4th floor, Bangkok, Thailand.
The ice cream sundae has 22 scoops, using various ice cream, strawberry, pretz, waffle and so on.


MO & MOSHI is the unique ice cream cafe at Food Republic, 4th floor of Siam Center shopping mall in Bangkok.
"Mo & Moshi" sounds like Japanese language but actually no meaning as Japanese words.

They serve the giant ice cream sundae for $87 (3000 bahts).

World's largest ice cream sundae?

Of course this ice cream sundae is actually NOT the largest one in the world.
Real largest ice cream sundae was registered as the Guinness World Records.
This is it.


This record-breaking ice cream sundae was made in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, in July 1988.
But it is not for sale but for the Guinness record challenge.

The sundae might be the largest one as the commercial purpose?
I thought before but actually there are much larger ice cream sundae or Ice cream parfait even in Japan.
They will be introduced some day here.
The MO & MOSHI's is the largest in Thailand, I believe.


MO & MOSHI web site.


Facebook page.

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