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Islam Yokocho - Muslim town in Shin-Okubo, Tokyo for HALAL and Asian foods


Korean Town in Shin-Okubo, Tokyo is well known for Asian people living in Tokyo, but the Muslim town called "Islam Yokocho" is not so famous by now.
It is located near Korean Town in Shin-Okubo station.
You can find various HALAL foods, Asian foods, tropical fruits, etc in the small area.

Islam Yokocho (Muslim Town)

The Korean Town is located in the east from Shin-Okubo station of Yamanote Line of JR (Japan Railway).
On the other hand, the Islam Yokocho (yokocho means town in Japanese) is located in the west of Shin-Okubo station, just 1 minute walk.



Islam people are not so many in Japan and it is not so easy to find HALAL foods for them.
There is a mosque in the area and some food shops opened little by little in the area after 2000's.
Now there are stores of HALAL, Asian foods, meet, vegetables, etc for Muslim and Asian people.

The Islam Town is now yet known even in Japanese people living in Tokyo.
Actually we have just recently knew the town and felt like going there.
My wife is from Thailand and she is also glad to go to get some Thai foods and tropical fruits.

going there

It is very easy to find the Islam Yokocho since it is just 1 or 2 miutes walk from the Shin-Okubo station.
You can also walk from Okubo station of Chuo Main line for 300 meters, or 600 meters from Seibu-Shinjuku station of Seibu-Shinjuku line.

Shin-Okubo station has just one exit. Then cross the pedestrian crossing in front of the exit.
You will find MATSUMOTO KIYOSHI, a famous drug store that has the orange-colored sign of "マツモト キヨシ".
Enter the left street of the pharmacy.


After you walk on the street 40 meters, you will find the HALAL food store called "Barahi" on the left side of the street.

See the map below for each store introduced on this article.

Shinjuku Yaoya(新宿八百屋)

In the greengrocer called Shinjuku Yaoya, you can find some tropical fruits.

We find Durian Monthong from Thailand and bought one.
A middle sized Durian is 3580 yen + tax.

Durian Monthong 3580yen+tax at Shinjuku Yaoya in Islam Street, Shin-Okubo.



On the next of Shinjuku Yaoya, there is a HALAL and spice store called "JANNAT HALAL FOOD".

Thai rice sold 2200yen/10kg at JANNAT HALAL FOOD in Islam Street, Shin-Okubo.

Inside the store foods from various Asian countries are sold.

Taochio of Healthy Boy 959g 350yen JANNAT HALAL FOOD in Islam Street, Shin-Okubo.

Komei Suisan (fishes & meet)

At Komei Suisan (fishes and meet shop), my wife bought chicken legs for some Thai dishes that is very cheap - 200yen per 1.5kg.

Chicken legs 200yen/1.8kg at a meet shop in Islam Street, Shin-Okubo.

Intresting area

As wrote above, the Islam Yokocho is not only for Muslim people but also people from South-East Asia and East Asia.


You can just search for "Nasco Food Court" on the Google Map, that is located on the center of the Islam Yokocho.
Below is the link.

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